Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

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Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

Queer, neurodivergent and falling in love. Completed story!

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Something About Elephants

The sixth story in the Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party saga.


Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party is a webnovel about neurodivergence, mental health, being queer, love and families.

Is it a romance? Is it a family drama? I’m not sure. It’s not about Tamika Wood though.

The saga now continues with more stories about the Parker family and other related characters.


  • Something About… The Future

    Something About Elephants is now complete, as is the story of Alan Sebastian and Scott. As previously mentioned I have more stories about Mani and Cello! Also about Jaden and Scarlett who have appeared in hidden tracks. I have not finished writing these stories yet… but I’ll let you know as soon as I have…

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