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Behind The Scenes: Something About Elephants

In early 2022 I saw Alan Sebastian while I was jogging in Sydney Park. I asked him if he daydreamed me the way I daydream him, and a month later I had written him into a book. Alan Sebastian experienced the same event in 2018 but time does not run the same way for him as it does for me.

The story that I wrote in early 2022 covered the 20 years from Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party in 1998 to Scott and Alan Sebastian’s wedding in 2018. Over the last 12+ months I have rewritten a lot of it and added more chapters and stories and re-ordered some things. But we have now reached the ‘end’ of what was originally the Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party book.

This is the end of Alan Sebastian and Scott’s stories for now. I imagine that they live pretty unremarkably happy lives up to the present day and will step into background roles from now on… as they’ve already pretty much done in Something About Elephants. Mani and Cello still have Stuff To Do and I am writing Tamika Wood Extended Universe stories about them. So the story is finished. But there are more stories.

Something About Elephants was actually pretty hard for me to write compared with the other six stories. I had bits of it written but I spent a lot more time re-arranging and re-writing and putting in and taking out parts of this one than any of the other stories. There are several scenes that I re-wrote several times changing whose POV it was and the chapter count dropped substantially as I combined many chapters together. I hope that at least some of my difficulty was due to the fact that I am a much better writer than when I originally wrote it.

I like ending chapters at ‘oh no!’, but but in Something About Elephants I needed to… not do that so much, because this is the end of the book!

Combining chapters means that I had to say goodbye to several chapter titles that I was proud of. The content from these chapters was largely combined into others so you didn’t miss out on anything important that happened in them. But I hope you enjoy these unused chapter titles.

  • Boy Wonder
  • Telling Too
  • Reason Change
  • Hot Copy
  • For Giving
  • To A Tea

Thank you, as always, for reading! And if you’ve got this far with the story I would love to let your know! I’ll keep writing even if I’m writing to a void (or to avoid), but it makes me far more enthusiastic when I know that I am not.

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2 responses to “Behind The Scenes: Something About Elephants”

  1. Diane Avatar

    Do you think you’ll publish this at any point? I’d enjoy picking it up as an ebook ❤️

    1. Le Kendall Avatar

      That’s the plan! Not sure when that will happen as the “CD-R Mix” version of part one is taking longer than I thought it would. I am going to re-edit parts 1-3 (at least!) and I plan to make EPUB versions of them as well!

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