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Characters in Something About Elephants

Something About Elephants follows on from Cupboard Ghost and is set in 2018.

The story is set in Sydney and the fictional town of Havenport which doesn’t exist. The place it doesn’t exist is a few hours south of Sydney on the south coast of NSW, Australia.

Character notes may contain spoilers.

POV Characters

Alan Sebastian Parker

Alan Sebastian is 35 and lives in Havenport with his partner Scott, and their son Mani. He is always called by his first and middle names.

Scott Maher

Scott is 34 and lives in Havenport with his partner Alan Sebastian, and their son Mani.

Cello Parker

Cello is 35 and lives in Sydney. She is Alan Sebastian’s twin sister. She is Mani’s biological mother, but socially his aunt.

Mani Parker-Maher

Mani lives in Havenport with his parents Scott (Pa) and Alan Sebastian (Dad). In Cupboard Ghost he met Cello, his biological mother.

Mani is 18 and during the story he moves from Havenport to Sydney where he attends Uni.

Shell Sebastian

Shell is 53 and lives in Sydney. She is trans and in Cupboard Ghost she learned that she has two children (Alan Sebastian and Cello), and a grandchild (Mani) she didn’t know about.

Other characters

Supporting Characters

Gillian Parker

  • Alan Sebastian & Cello’s mother
  • Shell’s ex-girlfriend

Elizabeth “Nanny Bas” Sebastian

Nanny Bas is Shell’s grandmother. She helped Gillian when she was pregnant with the twins and when Cello was pregnant with Mani, but did not tell Shell.

Also Mentioned

  • The Elephant Girl – A character imagined by Alan Sebastian
  • Kate & Dale – university friends of Mani
  • Shell’s mother
  • Alan Sebastian (not to be confused with Alan Sebastian) – Shell’s father (deceased).
  • Scott’s parents
  • Tamika Wood – a friend of Alan Sebastian and Scott’s from high school.