Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall

Characters in Cupboard Ghost

Cupboard Ghost follows the events of Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party and Untitled Cello Piece. It is set in early 2014 in the fictional town of Havenport on the NSW south coast.

Character Reference Notes contain spoilers.

POV Characters

Alan Sebastian Parker

Alan Sebastian is 31 years old in Cupboard Ghost.

  • Scott’s partner of 7 years
  • Mani’s biological uncle but social father (Dad)
  • Gillian’s son
  • Cello’s twin brother

Scott Maher

Scott is 30 years old in Cupboard Ghost.

  • Alan Sebastian’s partner of 15 years (they count it differently)
  • Mani’s father (Pa)

Mani Parker-Maher

Mani is 14 years old in Cupboard Ghost.

  • Scott and Alan Sebastian’s son
  • Gillian’s grandson
  • Cello’s biological son

Gillian Parker

Gillian is 50 years old in Cupboard Ghost.

  • Cello and Alan Sebastian’s mother
  • Gillian’s grandmother

Michelle “Cello” Parker

The other characters have not seen or heard from Cello since 2001. They therefore still refer to her as Michelle. Cello is 31 years old in Cupboard Ghost.

  • Alan Sebastian’s twin sister
  • Gillian’s daughter
  • Mani’s biological mother

Shell Sebastian

A woman from Gillian’s past.

Other Characters

These characters have previously been mentioned or otherwise relevant to the story but you might have forgotten their names. That probably doesn’t even matter.

  • Ruth, Tim and Amy – Scott’s older half-siblings. The youngest, Amy, is 10 years older than Scott.
  • Jasmine Sinclair – a woman Scott dated when Mani was a toddler
  • Michael’s Brother – a friend of Scott’s from the past who Alan Sebastian once hooked up with (it was terrible)
  • Sam Butler – An ex-girlfriend of Gillian’s.