Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall

Characters in Dawn

Dawn follows the events of Cupboard Ghost and is set in 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Character Reference Notes contain spoilers.

POV Characters

Scott Maher

Our main character for this story! Nice.

Scott is 31 years old in Dawn.

  • Mani’s father (Pa).
  • Alan Sebastian’s partner of 16 years.

Mani Parker-Maher

Mani is 15 years old in Dawn.

Supporting Characters

Alan Sebastian Parker

Alan Sebastian is 32 years old in Dawn.

  • Mani’s biological uncle but social father (Dad)
  • Scott’s partner of 8 years (they count it differently).

Mentioned Characters


  • Alan Sebastian’s Sister
  • Mani’s biological mother


  • Alan Sebastian’s Mother


Finally, as pointedly unmentioned in previous character sheets…

  • Dawn