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That Was A Big Week For Us: Content Notes

General Content Notes

This post contains content notes and trigger warnings. If content notes or trigger warnings make you uncomfortable or offend you please feel free to skip it! I wouldn’t want you to unexpectedly encounter content which you’d rather avoid during your leisure time.

It isn’t possible to warn for everything, but I have tried to warn for the most common triggers. You may choose not to read this story, to skip certain chapters, or to choose to read certain chapters when you’re feeling mentally and/or emotionally prepared.

Please keep yourself safe and I apologise if I’ve missed anything that negatively affects you. I want reading my stories to be enjoyable, however I do sometimes include some serious themes along with love and kissing and stuff.

If you know that you have triggers which are uncommon or I may not have anticipated please feel free to ask me so that I can add them to the content notes or give you spoilers to let you know whether or not something does or does not happen.

Some of these notes may include spoilers.


Autistic Meltdown/Distress

Chapter six includes a first person POV of an autistic meltdown. The audio file is layered with lots of chaotic sounds and the feelings and thoughts in this chapter are quite intense. If that is likely to be stressful for you you may like to read the chapter instead or just choose a time or place to listen to it that won’t cause distress.

If that all sounds like too much to handle or if you see the big meltdowny paragraph and it’s too much to take in then the intro/outro parts surrounding contain all of the information relevant to the rest of the story. Chapter Spoilers available below.

Sex and intimacy

That Was A Big Week For Us contains a lot more sex than previous parts of Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party.

I am much to shy to write anything really explicit so who knows why I am even warning for this. It’s all fade to black and there are very few references to specific sex acts.


I have not previously warned for swearing but because, look, I’m Australian and my characters are Australian and that’s just sort of how we talk. That Was a Big Week For Us contains a fair few more uses of the f-word than usual.

Chapter Breakdown

  1. Ask or: Saturday 15:09; sexual references.
  2. Limit or: Sunday 06:25; no warnings apply.
  3. Rejection or: Monday 22:04; sexual references.
  4. Disaster or: Tuesday 9:23 am; no warnings apply.
  5. Miss or: Wednesday 03:22; no warnings apply.
  6. Escape or: Thursday 18:46; description of autistic meltown (see detailed notes).
  7. Now or: Friday 08:03; sexual references.

Chapter Six

In 3.6 Alan Sebastian is tired from 18 hours of driving in 2 days, has an extremely stressful day at work and is worried that his job might not be around much longer, and his housemate informs him that he needs to find a new place to live.

He’s no longer able to filter sensory input and has a meltdown where he breaks some of his belongings.

He imagines that his imaginary character, The Elephant Girl, is experiencing something similar which gives him enough emotional and sensory space from what is happening which allows him to recover.

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