Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

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This post contains content notes and trigger warnings. If content notes or trigger warnings make you uncomfortable or offend you please feel free to skip it! I wouldn’t want you to unexpectedly encounter content which you’d rather avoid during your leisure time.

It isn’t possible to warn for everything, but I have tried to warn for the most common triggers. You may choose not to read this story, to skip certain chapters, or to choose to read certain chapters when you’re feeling mentally and/or emotionally prepared.

Please keep yourself safe and I apologise if I’ve missed anything that negatively affects you. I want reading my stories to be enjoyable, however I do sometimes include some serious themes along with love and kissing and stuff.

If you know that you have triggers which are uncommon or I may not have anticipated please feel free to ask me so that I can add them to the content notes or give you spoilers to let you know whether or not something does or does not happen.

Some of these notes may include spoilers.

General Notes

Nothing really bad happens, but some bad things happened in the past and mostly you already know about them if you’ve read previous stories.

There are references to child abuse, queerphobia including transphobia (referred to but not depicted), the 2017 Australian marriage plebiscite, suicide and self harm.

This story talks about Autism and ADHD. Some people are wrong about what those things are. The term ‘Aspergers Syndrome’ is used when someone is referring to the past when that was the name.

Chapter Breakdown

  1. Place Older; marriage equality plebiscite.
  2. Job Reference; (past) child abuse, (past) suicidal ideation.
  3. Fresh Hair – no notes apply
  4. First Quenching – off-page transphobia
  5. Yelling To Avoid – misapprehensions about autism and adhd. Period-accurate references to aspergers syndrome
  6. Pluck – off-page transphobia, suicidal ideation, mention of someone who died by suicide
  7. Epilogue – No notes apply.

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