Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall

I just got your email.
Yes, of course.
Thank you for asking!

you seemed like the right person to ask
as you always have opinions about names

That is true.

i’m not even sure how serious I am
or if it’s just for fun
so please don’t tell anyone

I will not.
I would not have done so anyway.

you’re the first person i’ve told

Even Jaden?

even Jaden
it feels harder to tell him than anyone else
even though I know he’d be fine

I think so too.
But I think I know what you mean.
Sometimes when you are close to someone it feels even harder.
Even when you are sure that nothing bad will happen.

here is the list I have…
any thoughts?

Of course!
My first thought is that I know a lot of people called Jessica.
And as you know it is not my favourite thing when my friends or people in my social circle have the same names as each other.
Unfortunately it is unreasonable to ask people to change their names.
And also a poor reason not to be friends with someone.

As a member of JJ I apologise.

You do not actually have the same name as each other.
Even though you call each other J.
So you have my permission to keep doing so 😛


My mother is named Gillian.
I do not know if anyone has ever called her Jill.
Which would bother me because it isn’t spelled the same.
But “Gill” would probably not be pronounced correctly.
I once asked my mother to change her name to Jillian.
But she said it was the wrong colour.

The wrong colour!?

Speaking of colours, I think I would vote for Scarlett.
Out of the list you sent me.
I think it would suit you.
The downside is that there may be some ambiguity in the spelling.
Because the colour is spelled ‘Scarlet’.
But the upside is that I do not have any other friends by that name 😛

Scarlett Johannson?

I suspect that it will not surprise you
To learn that she and I are not friends 😉


I know most of the names on your list start with J.
And I think I understand why you would want to go with one of those.

I don’t want not to be JJ anymore :/
It would make J too sad.

I know that you and he have been friends for a long time.
And you mean a lot to each other.
But it does not strike me as a particularly great idea to base your identity around what someone else would think about it.


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