Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall

hey scott! glad to see you online.

oh hey

i got your email and sorry
if it wasn’t clear
but we’re only extending +1 invites to married couples
or at least engaged
so alan is off the hook

Alan Sebastian

i need you to be in the wedding party now anyway
so he wouldn’t know anyone
it would probably just be a drag for him
just you
sorry no offense or anything
trying to keep the numbers down

wait you need me to be in the wedding party?

apparently Luke’s brother can’t make it
such a PITA
I need the numbers to be even on both sides
Or it will mess everything up
anyway i’ll send you details for the suit fitting
You need to do that ASAP
and i’ll give the best man your number
for bachelor party and everything
he’ll let you know cost for that
I think they’re going to surfers paradise for a weekend?

I don’t know
when do I have to make up my mind about this?

i need you
you’re my brother
i just need you to be a groomsman at my wedding
I just need everything to be perfect
My first wedding was a shitshow and you know how that ended
I need everything to go right this time
you’re always complaining that you don’t really feel like part of the family
you wonder why??

ok I guess…
I’ll chat to alan sebastian
see if I can make it work…
I think
I would really much prefer not to go without him?
yeah we’re not married
but like…
we literally can’t do that

right whatever
i told you
he won’t know anyone anyway

I won’t either though

yes you will! Hello! Siblings!
Tim is a groomsman
Ruth is my MOH
and with you that means i have both my brothers and my sister by my side when i get married.
so maybe it’s even fitting that Luke’s brother dropped out!
also you’ve met Luke haven’t you?
oh wait no you weren’t at dinner that night.
oh well you’ll meet Luke.
Oh and of course you know my friend Dawn!
used to live next door?
she’s one of my bridesmaids.



okay well give me a call or whatever.
i really need you to confirm this.
i’m stressing out.
i really need this!

Hello Amy.
It is Alan Sebastian here.
Congratulations to you and Luke.
Scott will not be able to attend your wedding.

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