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September 2017

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Survey Form

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?

Yes [ ] No[ ]

(Mark one box only)


  • Use a dark pen
  • Clearly mark only one box
  • Put your form (and nothing else) in the enclosed Reply Paid envelope (no stamp required)
  • Put that envelope in the mail… today if you can!

A response may not be valid

  • If both boxes are marked
  • If the printed barcode on this form is missing or altered

If you make a mistake, go to www.abs.gov.au/contact or contact us on 1800 572 113 for a replacement survey form straight away.

This information is collected under the authority of the Census and Statistics Act 1905.
The Privacy Statement is available at www.abs.gov.au
The ABS encourages you to return this form straight away.
ABS cannot accept forms received at the address after 5pm 7 November 2017.

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