Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall


“He needs a name,” said Alan Sebastian, looking down at the baby in his arms, “We can’t just keep calling him ‘little man’” forever.

“I thought Michelle would want to name him,” said Gillian, “But I suppose it should be Scott.”

“That feels like a lot of responsibility,” I said.

“You’re a father, Scott. You’re going to have to get used to taking on a lot of responsibility.”

“How did you name your kids?” I asked her.

“I just always really liked the name Michelle. I think maybe I saw someone in a movie with that name or something when I was really young and I just thought it was the most beautiful name in the world and I decided if I ever had a daughter that is what I would call her,” Gillian said.

“What about Alan Sebastian?”

“Oh. Um…I think I saw it on a gravestone.”

Alan Sebastian laughed.

Gillian sniffed. “I think our little man needs a change again.”

“I think it’s my turn,” I offered. But Alan Sebastian came with me.

It turns out that newborn babies go through a lot of nappies so even though it has been less than a week Alan Sebastian and I already consider ourselves baby-changing experts.

The baby is cute. I’ve always thought babies were cute but it didn’t seem like I was allowed to think so. But this baby is mine and I’m allowed to love him as much as I want.

“Hey little man,” I cooed to him, “little manny man…”

“Maybe that’s what we should call him,” said Alan Sebastian. “Since we already sort of call him that. That way he won’t get confused.”

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