Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall

Cupboard Ghost, Dawn, and upcoming backdates.

Story Dates

Updates Monday and Friday

Cupboard Ghost: 10 February – 10 March.

Dawn: 24 March – 17 April.

I have also been re-working Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party parts One and Two.

Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party (CD-R Mix) and I Can’t Talk About That (Nursery Rhyme Collection) will probably go up on the site and replace the old versions at some point in the next few weeks.

If you choose to re-read them you will find that the chapters have been broken down differently so there is only one POV per chapter. Some new scenes have been added. As I have edited Cupboard Ghost and Dawn while re-doing them there are callbacks in Cupboard Ghost and Dawn to jokes and comments and small things from the new versions of Tamika and Can’t. I think they work fine as stand alone things but I hope it delights you to find the callbacks (are they callforwards if you read them out of order? Hmm).

But if you do not want to re-read them let me re-assure you that none of the events have changed and no plot (LMAO) is affected. I haven’t changed anything that happened I have just expanded on things and added much more of Alan Sebastian and Scott being cute.

When I add them to the website I will back-date them so that you can still read the whole story in order on the website and not have to jump back and forth.

If you’re currently eye or ear-reading either of those parts then it might get… weird if I suddenly replace what is there. But the new version is definitely superior to the old one! So… sorry in advance, I guess?

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