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& Other Stories by Le Kendall

I hope that you’re enjoying Dawn so far. As I might have mentioned, as of the current date Dawn is the last story that has been scheduled on the website, and the last story that was really completed properly before I started to publish the first stories online.

But do not despair! I have a lot more of the next part of the story written. I keep going back and forth on a title but it will be something about elephants… oh shit!! It happened again! It’s perfect! I love it!!

The next part of the story will be called ‘Something about Elephants‘.

I have several projects on the go and am focusing on different things basically every day and I am not sure what will be finished first, although I still intend Something About Elephants to be the next story that appears on the website.

I hope you’re excited to read about these projects and look forward to reading them. As usual, people expressing excitement about what I am writing gives me much needed dopamine! So don’t hesitate to be excited or tell me what you’re most looking forward to.

Something About Elephants

Something About Elephants will finish off Scott and Alan Sebastian’s stories, other stories in the same universe will feature them as secondary and background characters, but this is where we say goodbye to them as a main focus. This is because they will just continue to move on to delightfully mundane lives.

Predictable spoilers are that Shell will finally return to the story, I’m not just leaving that hanging indefinitely.

Something About Elephants is more explicitly about Autism and ADHD and coming to terms with aspects of yourself you might be in denial of.


Red Dress is a story about some people who have been mentioned previously, mostly in ‘hidden tracks’. They were mentioned in ways which weren’t super important to Tamika Wood so it’s fine if you didn’t link them up or note anything in particular about them. But this is JJ’s story and is nearly 30,000 words so far. I have almost finished Jaden’s story and am working on Scarlett’s.

As usual I like to do things across multiple generations. Redress focuses on two supporting characters in Red Dress.

Overall there will be four parts (two Red Dress and two Redress, each story takes place from one POV) and I think in total it should end up at 70,000 words or so. So there is quite a lot to go! The timelines of these four stories overlap almost entirely and different characters react differently to the same events, so I keep bouncing back and forth as I am writing keeping everything consistent. It’s super fun to write the same conversations from multiple points of view and focusing on each of their internal thoughts as they discuss and argue with each other, and then working out which POV I include in the final story.

So this is a really big project (for me) which is still very much in progress.

Three Body Solution

Mani’s coming of age story which is set in 2022. I daydreamed up the events in this story a long time ago and it was always an excuse not to write anything down. I can’t write anything set in the far future of the 2020s, I thought. Who knows what might happen in the world by then? The answer is ‘a global pandemic’ so it’s lucky I didn’t attempt it before now. Also it turns out the pandemic makes a really good setting for the story I am going to tell and I hope that when you will read it you might think ‘gosh, how was Le ever going to tell this story without the pandemic going on?‘. I think 3BS is about 60% complete so far.

Cello’s Second

Cello’s second is a sequel to Untitled Cello Piece although all of the things that happened in Cupboard Ghost, Dawn and Something About Elephants will have also happened to Cello in between.

Like Red(D)ress the timelines of Three Body Solution and Cello’s Second overlap almost entirely so they share a Scrivener project and I’m not quite sure whether they will release in sequence or series. Maybe it will be like Angel and Buffy where they come out at the same time and cross over with each other. Maybe you’ll get all of one of them before all of the other. I’m sure it will become clear to me at some point. I think C2 is about 40% complete so far but as far as “plot” (LMAO LIKE I EVER HAVE ANY OF THAT) goes there is so much crossover with 3BS that working on either one of these stories is basically working on both.

Pluto is Different

A totally unrelated story which is anthropomorphised planets and not-planets having a chat. I have written it as a short story but I think I might try and turn it into a picture book which was my initial idea for the story.

Pluto is Different is a story about Pluto’s reclassification as a Dwarf Planet and also about how reframing your identity can be powerful. I hope that it can be an analogy for neurodiversity and gender diversity and being queer or disabled or different in some way. It’s about how everyone is different, but how some of us are different in a different way.

Pluto is Different is a story that I think might actually try to get professionally published as I think/hope a picture book about Science Facts and also about People Being Different might be a thing that parents and teachers are interested in! So we’ll see how I go with that.

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