Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

& Other Stories by Le Kendall

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Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party

Queer, neurodivergent and falling in love. Completed story!

Untitled Cello Piece

Identity, family dynamics and failing connections. Now completed!

Current Story…

Cupboard Ghost

A sequel to both Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party and Untitled Cello Piece. Updates Mondays and Fridays at 10am1 starting 10 February. Subscribe by email or RSS for updates.


Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party is a webnovel about neurodivergence, mental health, being queer, love and families.

Is it a romance? Is it a family drama? I’m not sure. It’s not about Tamika Wood though.

The saga now continues with more stories about the Parker family and other related characters.

Latest News

Currently Recording Cupboard Ghost. Then moving on to Dawn.

Also working on the next part after that which is called The Elephant Girl.

Still mostly in planning and outline stages: Red(D)ress, Cello’s Second, Mani’s Third.