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This post contains content notes and trigger warnings. If content notes or trigger warnings make you uncomfortable or offend you please feel free to skip it! I wouldn’t want you to unexpectedly encounter content which you’d rather avoid during your leisure time.

It isn’t possible to warn for everything, but I have tried to warn for the most common triggers. You may choose not to read this story, to skip certain chapters, or to choose to read certain chapters when you’re feeling mentally and/or emotionally prepared.

Please keep yourself safe and I apologise if I’ve missed anything that negatively affects you. I want reading my stories to be enjoyable, however I do sometimes include some serious themes along with love and kissing and stuff.

If you know that you have triggers which are uncommon or I may not have anticipated please feel free to ask me so that I can add them to the content notes or give you spoilers to let you know whether or not something does or does not happen.

Some of these notes may include spoilers.

Not all notes or warnings apply to all stories.

Queer Identities & Slurs

Many of the characters in Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party are Queer. They think of and refer to themselves and each other as queer, gay and trans. I do not include any other words or terms used as slurs. I’m sure you know plenty of those words but I didn’t want to write any of them down.

My characters, like most people who live in this world encounter and are victims of bigotry which affects them and shapes their experience of themselves, each other and the world. I have not included any specifics of homophobic or transphobic abuse or slurs.

Trans Characters

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non binary people are non binary. Non binary people who identify as trans are trans. Non binary people who do not identify as trans are not. People are what they say they are. Sometimes people discover things about themselves and change the way they perceive their identity or the way they identify. If you do not respect these things then please go ahead and read a different story.

Wherever possible trans characters will be referred to by correct name and pronouns – the ones they use. I will not deadname characters. I will not include specific slurs or transphobia on page.

Initially I had intended that trans characters would always be referred to with correct name and pronouns. Unfortunately I am writing some stories which are narrated by characters unaware that someone is trans and avoiding using pronouns entirely when writing POV and dialogue from people they love and are close to is… not really feasible.

Nevertheless; I promise that no POV character or main character intentionally disrespects anyone who is trans!

If and when dead-pronouns appear due to POV obliviousness or unawareness I will include warnings in the content notes for the story or chapter.

Trans characters who have socially transitioned will never be misgendered or deadnamed in dialogue or narration on page.

Neurodivergence and Autism

I am autistic and I’m not 100% sure I really understand how allistic (non autistic) people really work. Some of my characters may not strike you as autistic even though they totally are. While Alan Sebastian is more stereotypically autistic than most of the other characters I have tried to represent some of the other ways that autism can present in people. Many of us are not identified as autistic until later in our lives because we do not present in a stereotypical way and the same goes for my characters.

Ableist language

I try very hard to avoid the use of ableist language. This may make the story feel unrealistic but in this case I do not care (this is in contrast to my attitude about profanity). I will not use ableist insults such as cr*zy, l*me, r*****ed, id**t etc as I believe these words to be harmful and it’s pretty easy to just find other words.

That said: as a human who has grown up in a time and place where such words are routinely used without question it is possible that I have slipped up and not noticed where I have used ableist words. If I have I apologise and I’m happy for you to point them out so that I can change them or warn for them in content notes.


I am a white person and I imagine the main characters in Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party as white people. If you would prefer to imagine them as people who aren’t white I encourage you to do so! Other stories in the Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party universe do include more characters of colour but they just didn’t seem to work themselves into TW itself. I acknowledge that this is a reflection of my white privilege where I can imagine that everyone is basically like me, and of Australia which is an extremely racist country.

Red(D)ress is more racially diverse but as I am a white person with white privilege I will not be doing into detail about racial identity or racism because I don’t know what that is truly like to experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure

  • assume that all characters of colour experience levels of racism that seem plausible to you
  • assume that the Tamika Wood’s Birthday Party Cinematic Universe is a much better world to live in than the real one.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Some of my characters had pretty shitty childhoods. This affects the characters pretty deeply, obviously, but it all happens “off screen”.

Sexual References

People have sex in this story. Some of them are pretty young. Most of them are not married to each other. Sometimes they are not even in relationships with each other. I’m way too embarassed to write about this in detail. Specific sex acts are rarely mentioned. I will add content notes where that happens but won’t warn for sex in general. If you want to read a story where people don’t have sex I am sure you can do that but this is not that story.

Sexual Assault

Some of my characters have been sexually assaulted, taken advantage of or sexually groomed in the past. These events may be referred to but only in past-tense terms. It will never happen ‘on page’.

I will warn for these things! Even single line mentions of them. Even when it’s just implied.


I am Australian. My characters are Australian. They speak like Australian people speak. This story takes place over 20 years and they swear more as young adults than they did as teens and they swear less as older adults than they did as younger adults.

Suicide and Self Harm

Some of my characters experience thoughts of self harm and suicide. I have not included any descriptions of methods. I will include chapter warnings for suicide and self harm. I will include spoiler notes about whether anyone actually dies.

No Point of View or main characters will die.

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2 responses to “Content Notes”

  1. me Avatar

    Loved this page so much! My favorite was the section on ableist language. Below is hopefully-constructive feedback because I get the impression it’s invited.

    Not sure this is the best approach to racial and cultural diversity, you can change someone’s skin color but people grow up in different households with different experiences both at home and in society and changing the color of a character’s skin from white to something else isn’t going to change their experiences, so just magically imagining they’re not white characters almost certainly means you have to also replace a bunch of other details in the story, and then it’s no longer the same story.

    But they also say write what you know!

    I think if I were going to take extra time and Do It Right, I might try to use that time to collaborate on a world with BIPOC authors?

    Missing common triggers: food (fatphobia, EDs), addictions

    Context: I haven’t read the fiction, I came here first.

    1. Le Kendall Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback, definitely appreciated.
      I absolutely agree with the racial diversity part which is why I feel uncomfortable really writing closely about a BIPOC experience/upbringing… I guess what I want to say is ‘this story came out of my head pretty monochrome, and that’s my bad.’ If someone wanted to imagine or headcanon or create transformative works with racebent characters I’d say ‘I love that!’ — in contrast to someone who wanted to do that by making my characters all cishet or neurotypical which would make me say ‘ew, gross’. If that makes sense?
      The reality of my story is that most of my characters relate to aspects of my own experience–none of which is BIPOC (not only in that I am a white person, but that the locations of demographics which formed most of my upbringing were overwhelmingly white). I think I’m extra conscious of this because one reason I don’t write under my wallet name is that my surname is my married name and almost a stereotypical indian name (although my husband is not indian)… and I felt like I really had to not use that name because I didn’t want people to think I had any kind of lived experience there.
      thanks for mentioning those other triggers! I thought I’d mentioned addiction (as it does apply to some parts of the story, but it might only be in the content notes for the specific stories in which it applies)
      Not sure if I should try and list everything on this page–might be a bit much. I think I might generalise it a little more on this page as each story does have its own list of content notes as well!
      Thanks for your comment! I hope you read and enjoy the story too.

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